A Nuanced Pause

In my cupboard live about thirty notebooks, journals and binders, all different books of some description. I’m typing this piece on my blog, which showcases stuff that’s been compulsory in my classes and other things I’m proud of, or want to explore. This stuff will become, if it hasn’t already, the window an employer will … Continue reading A Nuanced Pause

Untangling the Strings of I Ching

  I engaged in a legitimate I Ching spiritual reading two weeks ago, in the confines of my bedroom - via app. It didn't phase me at all. I'm what Mark Prensky would describe as a "digital native"; I circumnavigate the corners of the globe via technology, as effortlessly as I breathe, without conscious consideration. … Continue reading Untangling the Strings of I Ching

I Ching (我清) for iPhone*

I've been searching for meaning for as long as I can remember. Past ventures include experimenting with tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, numerology and visiting a psychic. Given this, it makes perfect sense to me to explore a topic I am passionate about, but in a different culture. For this assessment I will be focusing … Continue reading I Ching (我清) for iPhone*