My soul has been writing since the prehistoric esh lads were drawing dicks in dirt with their middle fingers (or so a psychic once told me). I’d like to believe it’s the truth. In this lifetime, at least, I’ve kept journals, written stories and composed poems since I was very young. I love the magic waltz of ink across paper; a few symbols and scribbles with a pen and you can basically make your reader hallucinate off old wood.

Here are a few favourites:


My University Journey

Given my thing for words, it may be no surprise to you that journalism has been on the cards for me since early high school. It just wasn’t for me though, as I discovered almost twelve months ago when I enrolled in the first journalism subject, here at the University of Wollongong. I liked my class initially and it was everything I thought it would be, but five or six weeks in I realised this wasn’t something I would be happy doing forever.

I found digital media to be a much more comfortable fit. I am now in my third year, with a second major of public relations, and so my life is pretty much sorting itself out (haa haa). I hope to complete a masters degree someday and go on to change the world design and implement madly creative public relations campaigns, because being a closet poet just hasn’t really worked out for me thus far.

I’m currently working as an In2Uni mentor, getting primary and high school kids super pumped about pursuing higher education, and I’ve been writing some pop culture and tech pieces for Chattr to gain some experience for the future!

Other things to know:

  • I spend my life on Reddit
  • My appetite for all things Harry Potter is insatiable
  • I LIKE HOROSCOPES, all that shit is true ok?
    • I’m a Sagittarius; on the surface this means (apparently) I am on a lifelong mission to find THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING.
    • SO if you’re a Libra, get away because you’re annoying. If you’re a Taurus, I’m right and you’re wrong (don’t argue), and if you’re a Capricorn, I know you’re going to lead me on and disappear, so don’t even try 🙂 .


That’s enough sharing for now; make good choices & follow me! (and my Twitter)

-Claire xo

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