Semester Reflection: Where I’ve Come

It feels like only yesterday that I ventured onto the UOW campus for the first time, but I'm five semesters in to my degree, with four more to go (plus Honours, hopefully!), so I've officially passed the halfway point. It's been an interesting semester for a few reasons. I began my public relations major, which … Continue reading Semester Reflection: Where I’ve Come

Public Relations: Summary

Because I detest taking notes and love blogging, I figured that posting my summary on WordPress (& adding gifs) would be a good way for me to retain the information I will need to do well in my public relations exam. Week 1: What is PR? Types of Persuasive PR Campaigns Political (candidate/issue focused); NOT … Continue reading Public Relations: Summary

Research Reflection

Hello and welcome back! Thirteen weeks later, my research on extracting data about feminism from Twitter is complete - but before I celebrate my last submitted assessment of the semester with a swagalicious, Obama-esque mic drop, I'm going to reflect on what I have learned about research practice in BCM212 this semester. A Brief Recap Last … Continue reading Research Reflection

In the Blink of an Eye: Digital Narrative Underlying Research Binge drinking, the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol in a relatively short time-frame (Drug Free World 2017), is generally known to be a dangerous activity yet it still occurs on an alarmingly regular basis, particularly with teenagers and young adults. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause an impaired ability to make decisions and … Continue reading In the Blink of an Eye: Digital Narrative

The Camera, the Tripod & the Wardrobe

The technique which most fascinated me in MEDA101 this semester (and which I subsequently decided to focus my final piece on) was continuity editing. I used various shots to narrate Olivia's movements. A scene from the film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) had resonated with me for some time. When I viewed it more recently, I noticed the cleverness of the continuity edits and thus decided to replicate that scene for my project.

Graphic Disney Princess Photography Raises Awareness for Social Issues

Disney princesses have long been used in art as a symbol of 'happily ever after', but a New York photography student has taken this to a new level. The likes of Ariel, Belle and Cinderella live in perfect lands, but what happens when we pull them out of our children's bedtime stories and place them … Continue reading Graphic Disney Princess Photography Raises Awareness for Social Issues

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska (2005) was John Green's debut young adult novel (remember him? He wrote the novels-turned-films The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns). It won the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library Association. I have no words. Honestly, this book should be used as prescription medication for psychopaths; it is IMPOSSIBLE to feel … Continue reading Looking for Alaska