Get Off My Blog, I Need to Pray

Hi all, This week's topic covers the influence of the media (or lack thereof) on moral panics in our society. A moral panic describes a panic or stress induced throughout a large group of people. Although it is fairly common and has happened regularly throughout history, it rarely yields good results. The media has many times been socially convicted of … Continue reading Get Off My Blog, I Need to Pray

Murdoch Makes Headlines – For Real

Hi all, This week, my topic covers the ownership of the media, and why it is (or isn't) an issue. There's plenty of Murdoch hate going around, so I'm instead going to focus more on why the idea of media consolidation worries us so much in comparison to other high-concentrated ownerships in society. But first, what … Continue reading Murdoch Makes Headlines – For Real

Lettuce be Hilarious: Side-Splitting Semiotics

Hi all 🙂 You've probably all seen various versions of this meme - it's all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - the works. But how did it start? Someone woke up one day and decided it would be a good idea to take a salad advertisement out of context - or removed its connotation, and simply look at … Continue reading Lettuce be Hilarious: Side-Splitting Semiotics