The Likes & Swipes of Social Media Personas

   Meet Steve, on the left. He's a 43-year-old chain smoker with a passion for collecting vintage car parts. Rhys, in the middle, is an 18-year-old high school DJ who hopes to record his own music someday. Renee, on the right, is an entry-level public relations worker who hopes that her long hours of work will … Continue reading The Likes & Swipes of Social Media Personas

Murder on the Guardian Express

  Citizen journalism and the legacy media strive to the same objectives; the collection, dissemination, analysis and distribution of content for the good of the general public (source). The extra weapon which sets legacy media at the advantage to citizen journalism is gatekeeping. Gatekeepers, in the legacy media, effectively place a stamp of approval over  information … Continue reading Murder on the Guardian Express

Annotated Bibliography: The Adventures of Mindy Farmer

My Digital Artefact:  The story of a Sim, Mindy Farmer, who struggles with finding herself again after her partner's tragic, premature death.   #1 - Alice & Kev This source is a WordPress site which details the story of Alice and Kev, two homeless Sims. I found the method of storytelling easy to follow and navigate … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography: The Adventures of Mindy Farmer

Down with the Woollies DJ

Are you one of those people who will drive around the block one more time to hear the end of their favourite song? I sure am! Supermarkets thrive off and take advantage of this tendency of ours; the rationale being that the longer we spend in that supermarket, the more of its products we'll be exposed … Continue reading Down with the Woollies DJ

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Interfaces to Transmedia Narrative

    This post is the first destination of several this week; join me on an epic adventure around the internet (who knew floo powder worked on hyperlinks as well as fireplaces?) to discover the meaning of transmedia narrative! Nowadays, a novel isn't the only way to enter another universe. The notion of transmedia allows … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Interfaces to Transmedia Narrative

Artificial Intelligence has #nochill

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft: Original Image What differentiates craftsmanship from industrialism is that the ending quality of the project is not determined (David Pye). The risk involved in crafting has caused many, uh, interesting projects to be developed and tested. As we morph into the post-industrial world, the rise of digital aesthetics in crafting has led … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence has #nochill