Public Relations: Summary

Because I detest taking notes and love blogging, I figured that posting my summary on WordPress (& adding gifs) would be a good way for me to retain the information I will need to do well in my public relations exam. Week 1: What is PR? Types of Persuasive PR Campaigns Political (candidate/issue focused); NOT … Continue reading Public Relations: Summary

Graphic Disney Princess Photography Raises Awareness for Social Issues

Disney princesses have long been used in art as a symbol of 'happily ever after', but a New York photography student has taken this to a new level. The likes of Ariel, Belle and Cinderella live in perfect lands, but what happens when we pull them out of our children's bedtime stories and place them … Continue reading Graphic Disney Princess Photography Raises Awareness for Social Issues

SEO Basics

SEO = search engine optimisation. It's a collection of strategies, tactics and techniques designed to earn a high ranking position in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), which will drive more viewers to your site. This post will discuss some simple SEO techniques to use on a WordPress blog.

We are Suffocated by the Capitalist Internet

The exponentially increasing role of technology in our lives has been criticized as long as it has existed. For example, Socrates feared the advance of writing when it first emerged. The perspective from a group of dissenters whom spoke at a conference on reinventing the internet isn't your typical techno-phobic "back in my day/we knew how to … Continue reading We are Suffocated by the Capitalist Internet

Obtaining Consent from an Invisible Audience

Obtaining consent is an ethical requirement of undertaking research, yet there is a gap in research ethics in terms of collecting online data. My research project (see my proposal here) involves the mass collection of tweets containing "#feminism" over three days to issue map feminism online. Unlike most other students in BCM212, who are setting … Continue reading Obtaining Consent from an Invisible Audience

Manufacturing Ignorance

Agnotology, or "the study of how ignorance is deliberately produced", has played a huge role in various political, health and social campaigns. It transfigures fact into doubt and reduces the perceived legitimacy of scientific facts. The first wide-spread instance of this occurred in the 1950's when scientists began to publish strong evidence of a link … Continue reading Manufacturing Ignorance