A Stranger’s Welcome Back to UOW

My seventh semester at the University of Wollongong - an institution for young adults with anger management triggered by crap parking - started on Sunday. I arrived on campus and pulled into an almost-empty car park. I'm the first to admit I'm not the greatest at parking, and when I ended up just over the … Continue reading A Stranger’s Welcome Back to UOW

Gojira: Pain, Memes & Painful Memes

Digital Asia

The way in which we partake in any attempt at research on a group we are a part of holds a necessary bias known as reflexivity. This week in DIGC330: Digital Asia, we became familiar with this idea through making sense of the film Gojira (1954). This film is the original Godzilla. It’s Japanese, black and white, and extremely different in content and structure to the Hollywood blockbusters we see today.

memz.JPG Before the darker themes of the film became clear, the #DIGC330 Twitter feed was a lit platform of banter. Once the WWII references became more recognised, a (slightly) more formal and in-depth discussion occurred. (source: Twitter)

Although I did not realise this at the commencement of the film, Gojira was heavily influenced by the events surrounding World War II. Prior to this realisation, I was pretty confused at the story of the film. This is…

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