Untangling the Strings of I Ching

  I engaged in a legitimate I Ching spiritual reading two weeks ago, in the confines of my bedroom - via app. It didn't phase me at all. I'm what Mark Prensky would describe as a "digital native"; I circumnavigate the corners of the globe via technology, as effortlessly as I breathe, without conscious consideration. … Continue reading Untangling the Strings of I Ching

I Ching (我清) for iPhone*

I've been searching for meaning for as long as I can remember. Past ventures include experimenting with tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, numerology and visiting a psychic. Given this, it makes perfect sense to me to explore a topic I am passionate about, but in a different culture. For this assessment I will be focusing … Continue reading I Ching (我清) for iPhone*